>Happy… Harvest?


So when I was a kid, we didn’t celebrate Halloween. On October 31st, we celebrated Harvest.
Not “the harvest”, a day of thanks for the bounty from the fields, but rather just Harvest. The not-scary Halloween alternative. We would dress up in not-scary-or-evil costumes* and go to the Harvest Fest! at a local church. This involved safe, well-lit activities such as face-painting, games, and lots of candy. Sometimes we even went trick-or-treating, to celebrate Harvest. In my adolescence I went through a fairy phase, being a different type of fairy every year. My favorite was the autumn fairy, with wings made from autumnal leaves. I was Queen Esther one year. This would have been a very good costume to wear to Harvest, as it was not-scary-or-evil and also referenced the Bible. Double bonus points! We did not go to Harvest that year, though, as our Harvest was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house, east of the Cascades, where we trick-or-treated, made caramel apples, and suffered through the nastiness of candy wax lips.
Whatever you may or may not be celebrating today, may your day be as wonderful as those lips.

*Sadly for anatomy students, skeletons were generally deemed to fall in the scary-and/or-evil category, which struck me recently as funny, because skeletons are INSIDE ALL OF US.


4 thoughts on “>Happy… Harvest?

  1. >E-Rae you are amazing. But I don't understand, those lips are candy? They look like a giant chair that Buster from Arrested Development would have.

  2. >Yeah, they're this really waxy candy. They're disgusting.Also, deal!And, I've been looking for cheap flights to Calgary, but they're like $500. Boo.

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