>’Tis the Season?


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In less than 48 hours, “Christmas season” begins. This isridiculous. I love Christmas, but this extension of one day’s celebration tocover more than a month wears things out. I like simplicity: a tree, somesilver balls, some colored lights. I’m not even a fan of wrapping paper: it’spaper that’s made specifically to be ripped and thrown away. Aesthetically Ilike just about everything to do with the holidays (except this $150 blow-up Santa in a helicopter – what?!). It’s the excess that annoys me.
Okay, so I’m really not a Scrooge, but Christmas cards go onmy list of “unecessaries”. Who wants a picture of me? Nobody. And I don’t wanta picture of you. And I don’t want you to spend 50 cents or more to send me anycard, photo or no. Unless it has money in it. See, I can be kind to earth andselfish at the same time!
“But I like cards. I want to send you good tidings and joyand peace with my best calligraphy pen. Why are you so rude?”
You’re right. I’m sorry. Maybe there are some cute cards outthere. Maybe there are even cute cards that can be cut into pieces and re-usedfor other things. Let’s see if I can fix my attitude!

 Maybe a cute card with a photo on one side and some nice simple text on the other? Okay!
Or maybe, you’re making some foodie gifts for everyone, and you want uniform, easy labels. 
(I’ll be posting some food gift ideas in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out and keep your apron handy.)
Or maybe, you would like some of your purchase to support altruistic efforts, and also you like adorable oversized animals. Perfect!
Full disclosure: Shutterfly is offering 50 holiday cards to bloggers who blog about their products. I did genuinely pick out options that I like, and obviously I have mixed responses to the whole make-the-USPS-feel-useful aspect of the coming season. Just wanted you to know.

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