>Deck the halls


That cabinet? Four bucks.

Lately at work I’ve been tuning into the “Holiday Showcase” music station. It’s nothing super great, but the four-year-old that I nanny likes to sing along. Everybody!

“Deck the halls with boughs of folly…”
Yes, that’s really how she sings it. I kind of like it.  Boughs of folly. I feel a little sad putting up Christmas decorations, because in a month I know I’ll have a serious case of the Januaries and no pretty greenery to alleviate it. I did buy two little dinky strands of blue lights and draped one around my bed, canopy-style. The other I wrapped around my Giant Branch. What is a Giant Branch, you ask? I will tell you. (Also, I am going to do a little bargain-bragging.)
About a month ago I parked on my university campus. A big windstorm had just blown through. As I ran up to Frat Row (gross) I saw a Giant Branch on the ground. I immediately wanted it, but my errand was urgent. As I hurried, I worried that someone would take my Giant Branch. Obviously I am a crazy person, because who else would want a Giant Branch? 
(Background: It is a well-documented fact that I ❤ branches. When I worked in an art studio where we used a lot of natural materials, I was constantly dragging them inside after my breaks. Some were broken up for art projects; one winter I stuck a whole bunch into the top of a wire shelf and decorated them all to look like a winter wonderland, with glitter and ornaments and shiny things. I blame that job for my continued giant stick obsession.)

The G.B. in all it’s glory.

THANK HEAVENS the Giant Branch was still there!

(Sidenote: I used to study art in college, but I wasn’t as “serious” about it as some of the other “serious” art students (meaning I took classes in other subjects and other buildings). One day I made a really weird request of someone to save some materials that would otherwise have been thrown out (fine, it was human hair, from the student salon), and the other person looked at me like I was cray-zy. In that moment, I felt so proud, like “I’m a real art student!”. I still get that feeling whenever I am gathering branches.)
That quilt? Ten bucks. Bookshelf and coatrack? Free.

This Giant Branch is the most giantest branch I have ever had. It is so wonderful. There’s a little bark, and a little moss that’s still green, but mostly it’s naked and relatively smooth. To prepare it to enter my bedroom, I shook it (to get rid of bugs, duh) and let it dry out in my garage. Then I let it season for three weeks (meaning, I forgot about it). Finally, I brought it the two flights up to my room and lashed one end to the foot of my bed.The other end rests on the wall.

My branch can touch the sky!

It is about nine feet long.
It is made of wood and moss and bark.
It is vegan.

I put pine boughs into cups and vases to make branch bouquets. Totally a planned branch theme (except not. I didn’t notice it until justthismoment. I am just that savvy.)
Then I put some silver balls in strategic places around the room (meaning: where they would not roll away.)

Well, yesterday I had this stuck in my head all day. You’re welcome. My favorite/most hated to have in my head part is the soaring “evergreen bough” line.


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