>Alberta Bound

>My AB experience in 3 pictures.




So yes, I spent time in Canada, which was wonderful and full of mixed emotions and so hard to leave in so many ways. My flight from Calgary was supposed to be Monday night, but then it was cancelled and I spent four! hours! in lines! waiting for some answers. I flew out the next morning, via Victoria. Victoria has a tiny little airport, and we flew in right at sunrise into a sunny day. The next day it snowed 24 cm there. Today, back home, it’s been snowing for the past three days. Only a very compelling reason would send me north, not south, on a winter vacation. (For clarity’s sake: The following is not that reason.)
She looks so lonely. Our other dog, Bella, was put to sleep yesterday. I’ve never been much of a dog person, and lord were they annoying sometimes, but she was our dog for six years. All the emotions and exhaustion of the weekend caught up with me, and I held her and cried. She is buried in our backyard under a tree.

>Sunny Day BLT’s

>First of all, I was unsure how to pluralize BLT. Thankfully the internet has the answer to many things, although this is an old-school actual dictionary page. (One recent question the internet could not answer for me: Who does the U.S. military’s commission come from?)

Secondly, everyone and their mother feels really smart for knowing “botanically, the tomato is a fruit, NOT a vegetable”. Come on. Everyone and their mother knows it. Let’s move on.


The Supreme Court has an opinion on this! A Supreme Opinion! In Nix v. Hedden, 1893, it was decided that “the tomato should be classified under customs regulations as a vegetable rather than a fruit.” (Quote and fascinating info via Wikipedia.) There are Dickens references! There’s a cabbage! 

CONTEST: Find a more amusing Supreme Court ruling than this one. GO!

And now a Segway into the title meal… (but don’t fall off a cliff):

On Thursday I really wanted a BLT, but a little different. I’m quite pleased with how this turned out.

You will need:

Corn tortillas, warmed (just throw them on a hot burner for about 40 seconds per side)
Pepper bacon, cooked to your liking (chewier is better)
Green tomato, cut into thin wedges
Avocado, cut in half and cut into thin wedges
Salsa verde

Assemble thusly:

Corn tortilla
       Green tomato slices
          Avocado slices
            Salsa verde

Sit in the sunshine and enjoy.

(Sorry about the segue pun. RIP, James W. Heselden.)