Fly away home

Brian’s uncle took us up in his airplane recently. It’s the smallest plane I’ve ever been in, and yes I giggled watching Brian fold his way inside. We took turns, obviously. Here are some of my photos. Our house is visible in this first one.


5 thoughts on “Fly away home

  1. Wow! Beautiful photos. It looks colder there but way sunnier. Seems like a good trade to me 🙂

    • The amount of sun is ridiculous, and this is one of the warmer winters on record here. Fine by me! I sit in the sun all day, nearly every day. I told Brian this morning that the Seattle-ite in me still sort of panics and is like “Get out! Get out in the sun while you still can! Why are you wasting the precious sun!” but of course, there’s lots of sun :-).

  2. cool photos!!! it was really warm and sunny here last week but i had to work the whole time and yes, i was panicking! it’s so weird how seattle does that to people 🙂 looks like a beautiful place you live in 🙂

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